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Photo by: Rebecca Bohanan and Caitlin Palmer
Origin: Latin; Meaning: a flowering shrub
What would James Cameron's classic, Titanic, be without its strong heroine, Rose? It remains the most awarded film, with 14 Oscar nominations and 11 wins, and was the highest grossing film until Cameron's follow-up directorial effort, Avatar, in 2010. Although Kate Winslet did not take home a statue for her portrayal of Rose, the nomination did secure her place as an A-list actress and was the Academy's way of saying they will never let her go.
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Bringing Up Baby: 8 Oscar-Inspired Names for Your Coming Attraction

A person's name says a lot about them. If you have a baby on the way, you want to make sure you pick a name that will set them on the path to greatness. You could always think about what sounds good after "President" or before "Attorney at Law", but there is always the most coveted title of all: "Oscar Winner." Name your baby after one of the most legendary Academy Award winners and nominees, and he is almost guaranteed to score some Oscar gold himself! And think about it--your kid will pretty much HAVE to thank you in his acceptance speech. We have rounded up 8 of the most legendary Oscar-inspired names for you to consider for your "coming attraction"...which is your favorite? - By Rebecca Bohanan and Caitlin Palmer


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