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2. Socks & Sandals

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2. Socks & Sandals
I have no words. Just stop it. I mean, seriously?

Call the Fashion Police: Top 10 Summer Fashion Don'ts


not sure if it's the sticky-hot temperatures or just the memory of

carefree childhoods, but there's something about summer time that

encourages adults to lose a level of decency and taste. It

happens year after year -- the streets are suddenly flocked with

unflattering and juvenile fashion statements, young and old, men and

women, professional and non-professional alike. We might shrug our

shoulders because it's summer and it's hot, but there are certain summer

fashion faux pas that simply make you look ridiculous. And you need to

stop it.

Here are my (and surely, yours) 10 top worst pet peeves about summer fashion gone wrong -- by Michelle Horton


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