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Photo by: Ian Gavan/WireImage for Electrolux
Worst: It's hard to find an unflattering dress for the flawless Frieda Pinto, but designer Michael Angel did it. Even an Angelina leg pose can't detract from the pink uncooked crescent rolls on her waistline. Let's lay low about the sequin bodice. I don't want Grandma to finding out her favorite wedding suit has been deconstructed.

Cannes Fashion: Best, Worst and Weirdest

It's prom season for international celebrities, or as they like to call it the Cannes International Film Festival. The weeklong cinematic fete makes the Oscar red carpet look like a backyard barbecue. This week, in Southern France, you can wear a ball gown with a 6-foot trail and still be underdressed. To deal with this predicament, stars (and wannabe stars) go to extremes to compensate. It isn't always pretty.