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Friday the 13th Sweet

Photo: Brandon Gray

Lawson created the elaborate Camp Crystal Lake sign herself. She did such a good job that during the photo shoot several passersby tried to find the nonexistent summer camp.

Couple Kills It With 'Friday the 13th' Engagement Photos

Like most brides-to-be,

Vanessa Lawson had very specific ideas about how her engagement photos

with fiancé Josh Morden should look. She wanted them taken in the woods,

among the beautiful turning leaves of autumn. And lots of blood,

obviously. “We knew exactly how we wanted to die," Lawson tells Yahoo

Shine."We definitely wanted the shot of the killer standing in the woods

staring at us as we held hands.”  That’s right, everyone! Welcome to

the modern age of engagement photos: Just a beautiful bride-to-be, her

besotted groom and a machete-wielding, blood-thirsty homicidal maniac.


could say we have a flair for the dramatic. We have an insane

collection of horror films at home, I guess it’s a bond that we share,”

she says. Inspired by the recent trend of zombie themed engagement pics

(seriously, zombie engagements are

huge. Look it up. It will blow your mind.) Lawson, 24, and Morden, 25,

decided to put their own unique spin on the engagement-photo tradition

by recreating scenes similar to those in the fabled horror franchise

“Friday the 13th” in a wooded area outside of their hometown of Toronto.


sweethearts who’ve been together for eight years, the couple, who both

work as office managers at production companies, tapped photographer

Brandon Gray to make their bloody, romantic vision come to life. When

the photos went viral, they quickly became an Internet sensation, both

for their extremely gung-ho commitment (spoiler alert: there’s lots of

blood, and the homicidal maniac comes out on top) and for their

refreshingly unpretentious attitude. That the photos came out just

before Halloween is purely coincidence. “Honestly we didn’t plan it that

way. We got engaged back in December 2012 and haven’t really done

anything in the way of plans since then. So we staged these and put them

on Facebook to let everyone know we’re setting things in motion.”


ceremony is scheduled for next September. Should guests expect any mad

men with chainsaws running down the aisle? “No,” says the bride firmly. “

It’s is going to be very traditional.” — Charlotte Rudge, Shine Staff