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Photo by: Rex USA
During last weekend's Kennedy Center Honors gala, MObama was a solid-gold smash in a metallic Michael Kors gown. She snuck this one in just under the wire, but it's still one of our top picks for 2012.

The First Lady's Greatest Hits: Michelle Obama's 10 Best Looks of 2012

By Holly E. Thomas, Refinery29

Unless you've been living under a rock, you know that Michelle Obama is pretty darn stylish. And, fiscal cliff or not, this was at least one outstanding year in first-lady fashion. To celebrate, we've taken it upon ourselves to compile MObama's biggest style wins of 2012.

Consider this the sartorial equivalent of a "greatest hits" record - one where you want to listen to every single track. From bright pops of color to forward-thinking silhouettes, all her most rewarding risks are here. It's so good - you'll want to put this slideshow on repeat.

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