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These photos of a frozen baby squirrel nurtured by dogs will warm your heart

Photo via Imgur

Frozen baby squirrel brought back to life by dogs' nurturing

The internet's collective heart is melting after a Reddit user posted these unbelievable photos of his pet dogs and their new best friend, a baby squirrel.

The user says he found the near-dead squirrel frozen in the woods, so he scooped it up and took it home, nestled in his car's cupholder.

After creating a makeshift bed in the bathroom sink -- complete with a heating pad and cozy nest -- the squirrel warmed up and began eating from a syringe.

It wasn't until the user introduced the squirrel to his two dogs that he realized the little guy was there to stay. Amazingly, the dogs took the squirrel as their own, and it wasn't long before it was playing alongside -- and even on top -- of them.

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-- by Gilean Watts