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Is Kanye West a groomzilla?

The king of groomzillas, Kanye West has reportedly taken full control of his wedding to Kim Kardashian. The rapper has set his sights on the Palace of Versailles for the wedding venue, and Cosmopolian reports that he even wants to approve sketches of Kim's wedding gown. (Yikes!)

Is Kanye West a groomzilla? Hollywood's leading men get wedding-crazy

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We’ve all heard the horror stories of bridezillas tearing out their hair and ripping their bridesmaids to shreds over shades of ivory and china patterns – and who could forget the bridezilla who insisted her ‘maids attend weigh-ins (“No-one can be skinnier than the bride.”)

Well, it seems the latest trend in celeb weddings is groomzillas – newly engaged guys who take the wedding planning by the reins and nitpick everything from the cake flavour to the bride’s dress (gasp!).

Good ‘ol Kanye West has been getting flack for his groomzilla behaviour since he very publicly proposed to Kim Kardashian in October, notably for his requests for fighter jets and to hire the Chanel fashion show planners as wedding organizers. Rumour has it he’s also eyeing the Palace of Versailles for the wedding venue and will be approving sketches of Kim’s custom-made gown.

Kim seems to be OK with the whole thing, telling People magazine that Kanye will get “whatever he wants" for their wedding.

But Kanye isn’t the first Hollywood groomzilla – click through our gallery below for more wedding-crazy guys!

- by Gilean Watts