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"I'm nervous and so excited to say that Henry and I are pregnant-or I'm pregnant," Hager announced on NBC's "Today Show," where she worked as a correspondent since 2009. "We're so excited. And I'm, you know, obviously nervous about it. I'm a first-time mom-but it's something I've always wanted."

Jenna and Barbara Bush, Then and Now

We remember their party-hearty ways and their crazy college years, but

the Bush twins, Jenna and Barbara, have long since grown up. While Jenna

has stayed in the media spotlight—she just announced her pregnancy on

NBC's "Today" show, where she works as a correspondent—Barbara has kept a

lower profile, living in New York City and working on poverty and

global health issues. Here's a look at what the former first daughters

have been up to. - Lylah Alphonse, Senior Editor, Yahoo Shine