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Photo by: MAC
The beauty industry was taken by surprise when MAC debuted its latest spokesperson, Jelena Abbou, a Serbian-American female bodybuilder with the kind of ripped physique more likely to be found in Muscle Milk ads than high-end cosmetics campaigns. For those within the female bodybuilding world, however, it made perfect sense. "A lot of us use MAC," Monet Colbert, a make-up artist and former bodybuilder, tells Yahoo Shine. "It's designed for theatrical stage performances." That means it holds up under the double white lights designed to capture every muscle striation--and if you're not prepared, every wrinkle.

MAC Hires Bodybuilder Model: Inside the World of Muscle Makeup

Forget pageant queens and reality stars, no one lays the makeup on thicker than a female bodybuilder. If you were about to walk onstage in a thong swimsuit and have your muscles judged under dentist lights, you'd take your beauty regimen just as seriously.