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Spoof 'Lustworthy' perfume ads show what real bodies look like

Spoof 'Lustworthy' perfume ads show what real bodies look like

Shine from Yahoo Canada

Jes Baker doesn't fit within the traditional parameters of beauty, but unlike many women who fail to meet Hollywood's standards, she's totally, blissfully at peace with it.

The Arizona woman, also known as the The Militant Baker, is best known for her spoof "Attractive and Fat" ads that mock Abercrombie & Fitch's overly sexualized advertisements.

The blogger is back with a brand new series called "Lustworthy," which showcases her plus-size body juxtaposed against an attractive male model in a series of supremely sexy poses. The photos, made to look like perfume ads, are meant to challenge our traditional notion that thin and plus-size people shouldn't be together.

"I’m so happy to be providing something that doesn’t exist elsewhere," the 27-year-old mental health professional tells Yahoo Canada Shine.

To create the series, Baker teamed up with photographer Liora K., whom she worked with previously for her "Attractive and Fat" campaign, as well as her more recent "Bodies Aren't Ugly. Bullying Is" photo series.

"We decided that a sexy shoot with my body seemed like the logical first step," Baker says.

Along with model Rambo Reza, they spent an entire day in the snow-covered Arizona mountains shooting the "Lustworthy" series.

"It was just the three of us and while it was cold and wet, it was also a blast," Baker recalls.

She says while her work often attracts negative comments and personal attacks for her appearance, she is undaunted by the haters and moved by the lovers.

"Negative feedback is greeted with a giant smile. I would be concerned if I didn't get hate mail. It would mean that my message is simply preaching to the choir, and not pushing boundaries as intended," she says. "Conversely, my inbox fills with 'thank you' letters daily from women and men who are grateful for the opportunity to embrace themselves as-is."

Thanks to her inspiring work, Baker's become a spokesperson for positive body image, and will be participating in The Body Love Conference, held in Arizona this coming April.

-- By Shereen Dindar