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Donna Morgan Wide Sleeve Dress, $131
Split sleeves are making a comeback, and this stunning dress illustrates why. Click here to buy.

Summer Sequins

June 13, 2012

Most of us associate sequins with New Year's Eve, but glamorous sequin dresses are equally enjoyable for festive summer nights. Scoop up sparkly styles on sale now and show off a flashy evening look when it's actually warm enough to skip the tights and jacket. By Joanna Douglas, Shine Staff

Meet the Trailblazing Ladies of Science

Artists Are Taking Over Gucci for 24 Hours

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Impressive Driving Range

Go the distance in America’s longest-lasting pickups with an impressive driving range and capability to spare.

Tow with confidence

Face heavy jobs with confidence in America’s longest-lasting pickups with a max payload of up to 3,990 lbs.

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2016 Dodge Trucks

See what's new for Dodge for 2016! Search for dodge truck deals.

Cher Fans Mourning

Cher fans were upset over the confusing hashtag mix-up that occurred on Twitter.