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Vacuum cleaner

Vacuum cleaner

Nothing says "I love you" more than a gift that hints your sweetie should be cleaning more.

The worst Valentine's Day gifts ever

Shine from Yahoo Canada

Listen up lovestruck Romeos, that gym membership you got your girlfriend for Valentine's Day likely won't go over very well... nor will the stuffed toy. Recent surveys suggest there are plenty of unpopular Valentine's Day gifts which people are routinely unenthused about, or worse yet, offended by.

Avoid making a last-minute jaunt to the mall and put some thought into the process. A hastily bought Valentine's Day gift can come off as insincere and make your partner feel as if you don't care.

"Valentine's Day is all about celebrating your relationship, so the best gifts are those that let you spend time together," Match.com relationship expert Ashley Howe tells Yahoo Canada Shine. Think personal and romantic and stay away from excessively practical or cliche gifts.

With that in mind, check out some of the worst Valentine’s Day gifts as cited by the masses. -- by Shereen Dindar

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