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Photo by: Fredericton SPCA / Facebook
Weighing in at 30.2 pounds that day, Tiny arrived at the FSPCA taped up in the box, shown here, with his friend Rapunzel (r). Rapunzel, a smaller feline who looks positively microscopic next to Tiny, was "very timid" and "pretty stressed out" when the duo first arrived, says FSPCA education and training director LeeAnn Haggerty. Fortunately, a wonderful family "found her and fell in love." The family volunteers at FSPCA, and the staff get regular updates on Rapunzel's new life.

Are Tiny and Rapunzel related? Haggerty isn't sure, though "we're pretty sure they did come from the same family, from the same place."

Tiny the Cat's Amazing Weight Loss

Left in a box at a shelter in Fredericton, NB (Canada) last December, Tiny weighed over 30 pounds. Since then, he's lost more than 10 pounds - an entire other cat! - and he's nearing his goal weight. We talked to the Fredericton (NB) SPCA's Director of Education and Training, LeeAnn Haggerty, about Tiny's health, how readers can slim down their own pets, and the party he's got planned when he's finally half the cat he used to be.