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Drunk Jesus T-shirt

Urban Outfitters is once again offeding those of Irish and Christian roots with this "drunk Jesus" shirt, which shows the son of God holding a pint while surrounded by a halo and the words "Jesus, I'm drunk."

As Irish Central reports, an Urban Outfitters outlet store in New York displayed the "Drunk Jesus" T-shirt over St. Patrick's Day weekend in their men's section.

Irish associations are calling for the company to stop selling such products.

"No other ethnic group would stand for this type of vulgar and ignorant stereotyping," Ancient Order of Hibernians National President Brendan Moore told IrishCentral.

Urban Outfitters' offensive clothing

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Clothing retailer Ubran Outfitters is frequently in the news for their questionable and often downright offensive garment designs. You'd think after so many missteps they'd have learned their lesson by now. Here are some of their more notable gaffes. -- by Caitlin McCormack