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Breakfast Quinoa

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Breakfast Quinoa
Get a powerful hit of protein in the morning by cooking up a batch of breakfast quinoa: simply add warm quinoa to fruit, nuts, and yogurt or milk. Save time by making a big batch of quinoa on Sunday that you can quickly reheat the remainder of the week.

Warm Up Breakfast with These Whole-Grain Hot Cereal Recipes


Source: Warm Up Breakfast With These Whole-Grain Hot Cereal Recipes

Sometimes a bowl of cereal from the box just doesn't do it - you need something warm to jump-start your day. If you're over eggs, and don't have time in the morning for an elaborately cooked breakfast, reach for a bowl of whole-grain hot cereal. Most recipes are easy to prep ahead of time, while others cook up in less than 10 minutes. By morning's end, you will have enjoyed a breakfast filled with fiber, iron, manganese, and zinc. (And, depending on the grain or mix-in, you may have gotten yourself a big protein boost, too!)

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