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The World's Most Popular Handbags

July 23, 2012

By Nathalie Matthews, Lucky magazine

There's probably no easier way to figure out what stuff people want than tracking what they search for online. So to see which handbags were most buzz-worthy last year (and, in theory, most buy-able), Digital Luxury Group did just that, analyzing over 130 million internet searches from April 2011 to May 2012.

Some of their results were surprising, like these:

  • The UK was the most handbag-crazy of all countries polled. (It had the most handbag searches per person.)

  • Japan was the only country that didn't count Louis Vuitton in its top five most searched brands. (Perhaps, though, it's just because the brand's old news. Accoding to the Economist, eighty-five percent of Japanese women already own an LV product.)

  • Certain countries are fiercely loyal to brands founded on home soil. (Mulberry is the UK's #1 brand; Lonchamp is France's #1.)

  • When it comes to the iconic Hermès Birkin bag, different cultures like it in different colors. (While the French searched for it in black most often, Americans loved it in orange, and searched that color the most.)

  • But perhaps the most interesting results from the study were the most general. Click through below to see the top ten most searched handbag brands last year-relative mammoths like Fendi and Balenciaga aren't on the list, though certain not-yet-household-names (like Mulberry) are:

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