Our Pick 6 college football prediction contestants know how to pick ’em. Time for Week 12

It was a week of solidarity for Pick 6 contestants.

In five of the six Week 11 games, at least 85% of you picked the same winner. In four of the six, at least 93% had the correct pick. And for the first time this season, contestants were unanimous about a game’s outcome, and all of you were right.

Here are the winning teams from Week 11, followed by the percentage of people who correctly picked them: Michigan over Penn State (85%), Washington over Utah (93%), Missouri over Tennessee (67%), Georgia over Ole Miss (100%), Boise State over New Mexico (96%) and Oregon over USC (93%).

Needless to say, there were plenty of 6-0 records to go around — 11 in all. Here’s how the Pick 6 Top 6 shook out after applying the tiebreaker, which was the score prediction for Boise State’s 42-14 win over New Mexico — with margin of victory taking precedence, followed by being closest to total points scored. And wouldn’t you know it, this week’s overall winner — Mickey’s Granpa — even got that final score perfect.

Other contestants with 6-0 records were Raider Ray, Bird Dawg, Boomer Sooner, GenXMichael and BoiseFan.

With so many high scores, there wasn’t any movement in the overall season standings, though leader GenXMichael managed to build his cushion over second-place Glenn McGeoch.

And because many of you have remained loyal to the contest despite missing a week or two, we’re including a new table this week: overall percentage leaders for participants who have picked at least two-thirds of the games (so at least eight of the 11 Pick 6 contests).

Time for Week 12. There are only three more contests in the regular season. First kickoff this week is 12:30 p.m. Mountain on Saturday. Here’s a recap of the rules.

1) List your name (optional).

2) List a unique user name if you don’t want your real name used (optional).

3) List your favorite college football team (optional).

4) Pick the winners of our six games.

5) As a tiebreaker, predict the final score of the Boise State-Utah State game.

6) You’ll have until kickoff of the first game on our list to make your picks.

Good luck! If the game format isn’t showing up below on your screen, follow this link.