New dad steps in to 'breastfeed' his baby on his partner's behalf

A new dad stepped in to ‘breastfeed’ his baby as his wife recovered from birth [Photo: Facebook/Maxamillian Kendall Neubauer]

Nothing to see here, just a dad breastfeeding his baby.

New father Maxamillian Kendall Neubauer stepped forward to aid his wife, April, following her difficult birth. Not only did she suffer from pre-eclampsia and high blood pressure, but a seizure meant she had to deliver her baby via an emergency Caesarean section. 

Eventually baby Rosalie arrived on 26 June, but straight after the new mum had another seizure and was whisked away for further treatment and to recover from the gruelling birth, without April getting to hold, let alone breastfeed her baby.

Step forward Maxamillian.

While skin on skin was always important to the new parents, Maxamillian was able to take things a step further by being able to ‘breastfeed’ his newborn.

“A nurse came out with our beautiful baby girl. We went to the nursery, I sat down and took off my shirt for some skin-to-skin time,” he told the BBC.

The nurse suggested he finger feed his baby to get her started, but went on ask if the new dad wanted to try some proper ‘breastfeeding’.

After being told the importance of getting C-section babies feeding as quickly as possible and that it may help April to breastfeed when she recovers from the birth, the new dad readily agreed to give it a go.

So after attaching a plastic nipple shield with a tube that was linked to a formula-filled syringe to his chest, Maxamillian was able to give his daughter her first breastfeed.

“Due to complications during Aprils emergency c-section,” he explained in a Facebook post. “This super rad nurse made a epically killer offer, and I was fortunate enough to slap on a suction cup fake nipple.”

“Being the first to breast feed da baby!!!! “I did it for the moms” Eat your heart out!! [sic]”

The dad breastfed his baby using a nipple shield clamped to a feeding tube [Photo: Facebook/Maxamillian Kendall Neubauer]

The post has since been shared more than 30,000 times and received hundreds of comments from other parents praising the dad for stepping in.

“Beautiful. When you are a parent you have to feed your children by any means necessary,” one user wrote.

“Good for you! That’s a Dad doing what needs to be done for his family. The bonding that you have had with your daughter is priceless, [sic]” another wrote.

“Shout out to the nurse who offered this option too! Way to be creative in a way that supports the family and their wishes!” a third added.

Despite the reaction, Maxamillian says he did what any dad would do.

“I really did it just to be a good dad and be a hero for the nursing staff because they are superheroes. You couldn’t ask for anyone better. 

“Don’t forget those moms, though. I did it for them too. [sic]”

Believe it or not, Maxamillian isn’t the only breastfeeding dad.

Earlier this year Anthony Favors genius parenting hack which allows him to breastfeed his daughter took the Internet by storm.

The dad-of-five came up with a simple, yet clever trick of cutting a small hole in his shirt and poking the teat of a bottle filled with his wife’s breastmilk through the gap to create a ‘functional boob’, which allowed him to ‘nurse’ his baby daughter while her mum is at work.

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