Your pictures of Scotland: 15 - 21 June

Rainbow sunset above boats on a loch
Donald and Caitlin Wilkins took this amazing picture of this rainbow sunset at Tarbert [Donald and Caitlin Wilkins]

A selection of your pictures of Scotland sent in between 15 - 21 June

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A puppy sitting in a garden with a can of Tennent's and a Scottish flag
Leeanne Dobbie took this picture of her sister's puppy called Kingston, who was ready to watch the Euros in Glasgow [Leeanne Dobbie]
A sign warning Loch Ness visitors of the dangerous and ellusive Haggis
Sharon Humphrey spotted a sign warning Loch Ness visitors of the dangerous and elusive Haggis [Sharon Humphrey]
The sun appearing through the trees after a rainy afternoon in Dunscore
Elaine Scott got this colourful picture of the sun appearing through the trees after a rainy afternoon in Dunscore in Dumfriesshire [Elaine Scott]
An urban fox and cub huddled together in Aberdeen
Kevin Hepworth took this picture of an urban fox and cub huddled together in Aberdeen [Kevin Hepworth]
Lone boater at sunset
Mangela Coia caught this beautiful picture of a lone boater at sunset off Millport [Mangela Coia]
Salen Shipwrecks in the Isle of Mull
Stewart Beattie got a fabulous photo of the Salen Shipwrecks in the Isle of Mull [Stewart Beattie]
Poppy field in East Salton
Mike Jeans and his daughter Callie went on an evening walk in East Saltoun, East Lothian, and came upon this beautiful view [Mike and Callie Jeans ]
baby blue tits on a wiker feeder
Mark Oatey took this photo of two playful baby blue tits in Strachan [Mark Oatey]
colourful canal boat on Union Canal
Janina Dolny saw this colourful canal boat on the Union Canal in Polwarth in Edinburgh [Janina Dolny]
mallard ducklings enjoying the sun together
Emma Legge spotted mallard ducklings enjoying the sun together in Tayport [Emma Legge]
The Isle of Skye
Siobhan McNeill and her daughter Hollie went to the Isle of Skye and took this amazing photo [Siobhan McNeill]
golden nosed statue of Greyfriars Bobby
Graham Christie visited the golden-nosed statue of Greyfriars Bobby in Edinburgh [Graham Christie]
 ice tunnel
George Burgess found this ice tunnel caused by rushing water melting the ice under a residual snow patch in the Cairngorms [George Burgess]
wet dandy lion
Hugh Griffin took this magnificent macro photo of a wet dandy lion in Livingston [Hugh Griffin]
A smiling pony
A smiling pony perfectly pictured by Sylvia Beaumont in North Berwick [Sylvia Beaumont]
Falkirk tunnel
Brian Colston was walking along the Union canal when he spotted this lone paddle boarder at the other end of the Falkirk tunnel [Brian Colston]
 the Threipmuir revivor
Gemma O'malley took this fabulous picture of the Threipmuir reservoir [Gemma O'malley]
Hilly field view
Aileen Gillies was traveling to Ford in Argyll when she stumbled across this amazing view [Aileen Gillies]
Beach sunset
Emma Whitelock went camping at Yellowcraigs beach in East Lothian and took a photo of a beautiful sunset [Emma Whitelock]

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