Piers Morgan blasts gum-chewing David Beckham and Joss Stone at royal wedding

Mike P Williams

The world may have embraced the viral images of David Beckham turning up to the royal wedding looking dapper in his suit and shades, but as with anything you cannot please everyone.

Piers Morgan, who was not invited to the historical event, decided to blast the former football ace and England captain on today’s Good Morning Britain.

The host, 53, slammed Becks’, 43, not for the attire he was wearing or even for the sunglasses he was captured so elegantly removing – it was for chewing gum.

David Beckham and Joss Stone at St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle for the wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. (PA)

On today’s show, alongside Susanna Reid, 47 and Charlotte Hawkins, 42, the outspoken presenter highlighted attendees who were chewing – specifically targeting singer Joss Stone, 31, and Beckham himself, ranting about why he thought it was wrong.

‘A lot of people are saying “You’re picking on Beckham for chewing gum, which was reprehensible, but what about Joss Stone?”, who was even more flagrant – look at this! Mouth open,’ as the show shared footage of the singer and sportsman chewing.

‘I’m sorry but what has happened to standards?’ began Piers’ rant, where he then decided to mock a person who chews gum and adopt a thick London accent in the process.

‘Sorry this has really, really annoyed me,’ he continued. ‘The one thing I can guarantee is that if I had been sitting there, no gum.’

Piers Morgan wasn’t happy about the gum-chewing celebs at the royal wedding. (ITV)

‘You wouldn’t have chewed gum, would you?’ he asked his co-hosts who, as part of a joke, were both chewing gum themselves.

‘And where do they even put it?’ he went on. ‘Is the Queen going to have to sit there and find Beckham or Joss Stone’s gum?’

Susanna, as usual appeared unimpressed by her co-host’s opinion, saying: ‘You just put it in a tissue or piece of paper in your pocket.’

But he retorted’: “Nope, not happy about that.’

But Piers decided to go a step further and suggest that Beckham’s chewing should ‘stop him from getting a Knighthood’. No doubt that’ll eventually happen, which will lead to more Morgan moans.

Maybe it was to avoid bad breath – as Meghan’s former Suits co-star Rick Hoffman revealed the reason why his facial expression went viral: due to other guests suffering from what he described as halitosis (which is bad breath).

‘Royal Wedding Face….#brushyourteeth’, he captioned the short video he recorded.

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