'Pitch Perfect 3' cast reveals which Bella bawled the most at the movie's end

Anna Kendrick and the rest of her a cappella-loving Bellas reunite for one last go-round in Pitch Perfect 3, which finds the singing troupe performing on a USO tour in various countries. Given that this is the final installment in the beloved trilogy, the cast and crew admitted that saying goodbye to the series wasn’t just an emotional experience — it was a surprising one too.

The Pitch Perfect 3 poster teases the end of the franchise. (Courtesy of Universal Pictures)

That’s because, as Kendrick confessed to Yahoo Entertainment, she didn’t realize that they were actually ending things with Pitch Perfect 3 until she saw the theatrical posters dubbing it “The Farewell Tour” and announcing “Last Call Pitches.” Regardless, co-star Anna Camp says that filming the new film’s last scenes were incredibly moving, because everyone feels truly “bonded for life,” having experienced this six-year moviemaking odyssey together. And as our interviews with them show, there was one star in particular who got quite weepy when the entire production was coming to a close.

To find out which of the Bellas couldn’t hold back tears while wrapping Pitch Perfect 3, you’ll have to watch our exclusive chat with the actresses. 

Pitch Perfect 3 is currently in theaters.

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