The Pizza Omelet Dish That Makes For An Eggcellent Breakfast

pizza omelet on white plate
pizza omelet on white plate - Timolina/Shutterstock

Leftover pizza has long been established as a breakfast food, albeit the kind that you eat while standing in front of the fridge without even bothering to warm it up, much less put it on a plate. If you want a morning time meal that looks like you put a bit more effort into it, though, you can make a breakfast pizza or even take the concept a step further in a breakfast direction by turning pizza toppings into omelet fillings.

One of the simplest types of pizza omelets involves making a typical omelet of beaten eggs cooked until they are set — scrambled eggs minus the scrambling, if you will. Leave the eggs plain, or maybe season them with some basil, oregano, garlic, or an Italian seasoning blend. As soon as the eggs have set, spread them with a small amount of pizza sauce (about 2 tablespoons of sauce per egg ought to do it), then sprinkle them with shredded mozzarella cheese. Add sliced pepperoni, crumbled cooked sausage, sauteed mushrooms or onions, or any other pizza fillings you're partial to, and then fold the eggs over to enclose the fillings. The pizza omelet can be eaten as-is or with additional pizza sauce, parmesan cheese, crushed red pepper, or a cup of garlic dipping sauce left over from your last delivery order.

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Some Omelets Are More Pizza-Shaped

pepperoni pizza omelet on plate
pepperoni pizza omelet on plate - Instagram

While pizza omelet recipes generally contain the same basic ingredients — eggs, sauce, cheese, and maybe meats or vegetables — they seem to fall into two camps as regards their shape. The omelet described above is the typical American-style half-moon omelet, but other recipes result in omelets that more closely resemble pizza. In order to make such an omelet, you beat and season the raw eggs, pour them into a pan, and cook them until they set. You then follow the same steps of covering the cooked eggs with pizza sauce, shredded cheese, and toppings, but instead of folding the pizza omelet over, you cover the pan to melt the cheese or put it under the broiler. The fun thing about these kinds of omelets is that you can cut them into pizza-shaped wedges to eat.

Yet one more type of pizza omelet that seems to be trendy on TikTok these days is actually more of a breakfast pizzarito (a portmanteau word that's yet to be patented by Taco Bell). The TikTok pizza omelet is made in an upside-down fashion by putting the pizza toppings in the bottom of a frying pan, sprinkling them with cheese, and then pouring beaten eggs over the top. The eggs are then covered with a flour tortilla and folded into a half-moon before being sliced into wedges to further the pizza resemblance, such as it is. (Looks more like an omelet calzone or quesadilla to us, but whatever.)

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