Plane flying over Philly reminds voters of Trump's Cowboys fandom

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The most clever bit of electioneering may involve a plane and a heated NFC East rivalry.

While Americans flocked to the polls on election day, one Philadelphia native tried to swing any undecided voters with a quick fly by.

A plane was found circling over Philadelphia with a message reading “Trump <3’s Jerry Jones & The Cowboys” a nod to the Eagles’ sworn rivals.

We have to assume this is the work of a Joe Biden-Kamala Harris supporter as Trump’s ostensible support of the Cowboys almost certainly won’t play well with Eagles fans, if you separate all other independent factors.

A plane flew over Philadelphia on election day, stating that. Donald Trump loves Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and his team, the Eagles' sworn rival. ((Photo by SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images)
As Americans flocked to the polls on election day, one astute Eagles fan used a plane banner and Trump's Cowboys fandom to try and sway voters toward Joe Biden. (Getty)

In a historically dreadful effort to date, the NFC East is shaping up to be a battle amongst the bottom of the barrel, with the 3-4-1 Eagles holding a perilous lead after defeating said Cowboys 23-9 on Sunday.

Jones indeed is an ardent supporter of Trump and his administration, telling NBC Sports that the President is the “hardest worker I’ve ever seen” upon his positive COVID-19 diagnosis.

There are still hours before the polls close and we don’t know if Biden or Trump will fly on the road to victory, but you have to give it up to the City of Brotherly Love for finding a way to invoke sports on the rare day where they take a back seat in the fabric of American life.

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