Player Prop Week 8 - Nick Foles

Will Bears' Nick Foles throw over/under 0.5 interceptions in week 8? Yahoo Sports' Andy Behrens explain.

Video Transcript

- All right, Player Prop time from our friends at BetMGM. You can go bet these things right now. I'm going to get us started with Nick Foles. The number on him for interceptions this week is just half an interception.

Is he going to throw one? Heck yes he's going to throw one, because he always throws one. He's actually thrown a pick in every game so far.

He's played five. He's thrown six interceptions. He is always willing to give the ball away to an opponent.

We got a little bit of a windstorm here in Chicago. It's cold. There is no way he's going through this afternoon without throwing a pick.