‘Playful’ shelter dog was overlooked for months — until a new NC worker ‘fell in love’

A “playful” shelter dog was overlooked for months — until a new worker fell for him in North Carolina.

Milo the dog first arrived at the Asheville Humane Society as part of a litter of puppies in 2019. He was adopted but returned four years later when his owners couldn’t afford to take care of him, the shelter told McClatchy News in a Dec. 7 email.

“Milo was diagnosed with severe skin allergies which required prescription food and medication that is expensive,” the shelter wrote. “He was highly socialized, trained, and quite affectionate. He was the perfect dog, but no one was adopting him because of his high price tag and concern over long-term affordability.”

Milo had been at the Western North Carolina shelter for about six months when a new employee came on board. The worker was on her first day of job training when “she met Milo and immediately fell in love,” according to the humane society.

“He had the cutest face and the most gentle, chill, yet still playful personality,” the worker told the shelter, which added that she took Milo into her home for a test run before adopting him in late November.

“Milo has incredibly caring new parents who understand and are equipped to deal with his skin allergies and he has been reunited with one of his doggie friends, turned sibling, who was in the care of AHS at the same time as him,” the shelter wrote Nov. 30 in social media posts.

The “heartwarming” story gained fans online, with several Facebook and Instagram users chiming in to celebrate Milo’s next chapter. His new owner reports that he loves to cuddle and has been a good fit for her home.

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