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Canadian Curvies

“This is only a fraction of what Canada has to offer, there are many more of us and we stand united to say ‘Hey, Canada’s plus models represent!'”. ~ Daniela Lombardi, Canadian Curvies co-founder.

(Photo, Left to right: Ophilia Alleyne, Karyn Inder, Rebecca Chalmers, Ashley Sharman, sitting; Tia Duffy, Daniela Lombardi, Yolanda Largie, Catherine Field, sitting; Sarah DeMelo, Meredith Shaw, Melissa Shannon, sitting; Tierra Sedgmore, Sarah Ehsani, sitting; Michelle Woitwich, Caterina Moda, Bree Ahmed, Austen Neil)

These plus-size models are looking to empower women in a special way

We first introduced you to the co-founders of the Canadian Curvies over the summer — Sarah, Daniela, Yolanda and Catherine — four Canadian women and models from different walks of life who are challenging the North American plus-size industry for equal representation.

This past July, they officially launched their organization with a shoot that celebrated curvy Canadian women’s bodies, as they posed in red swimsuits at Toronto’s Woodbine Beach — and now these gorgeous beauties are back for Project Red! The objective of the shoot was to celebrate women who inspire and act as role models for the Canadian Curvies. The women come from different walks of life, but the Canadian Curvies brought them together to celebrate their commonalities.

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“This is only a fraction of what Canada has to offer,” co-founder Daniela Lombardi said of the group. “There are many more of us and we stand united to say ‘Hey, Canada’s plus models represent!’ ”.

17 gorgeous women participated in Project Red and each shares their feelings and opinions about the present and future for the Canadian curvy industry, as well as their hopes for 2018.

Click through the gallery to see photos from the Project Red shoot and visit @CanadianCurvies for more on these beauties!

Photography (supplied): Katiuska Idrovo

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