Curvy shoppers grill retail execs: 'Plus-size' applies to body shapes other than 'hourglass'

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    The retailers are not the problem. Obesity is the problem. I am Obese myself, but instead of blaming others and saying poor me; I own it. It is my responsible, i am my responsible. I am overweight because i love food, i enjoy food. I have a beautiful fit fiance (high school sweetheart, 14 years, i have ranged from 180 to 300). I am not hunting for a partner, so i have let my self go. Now that we are out of college, working and getting married next August, it is a priority for me to loose weight. I want to look good for our wedding, for her. So guess what, i have made a decision to loose the weight; 100 lbs from this august til next. I have read books, articles, etc (see below for a good starter), i actually desire to loose weight and i am taking responsibility for myself. Will i succeed, that is up to me. I have been going at it for just over a month and i am down 20-25 lbs. Its a matter of what is important to yourself. Drinking, eating good, etc was my desire/priority, now my priority is loosing weight. Side note, the below book really helped me to get into a good state of mind. Good luck to anyone who is on a similar journey.
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    Ricki Smith
    what about the other side? I am SHORT with a size 5 foot. I ca't buy anything without alterations. I get my shoes in the kids section.
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    Just because you make a size 6 outfit into a size 26 outfit does not mean that outfit will look good on a size 26 individual. The size 26 body is not only much larger but also a completely different shape and that is what effects the "stylishness" of something.
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    Would you agree that their clothes should also be more expensive? It takes a lot more fabric and bigger zippers and more buttons to make it work. It also takes longer time to sew together... some delicate fabrics are very expensive so I think that’s fair.
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    All of this uproar makes me wonder how people survived in prior years. Look, aside from a medical condition, the ideal is to NOT be "curvy" and "husky" (previously considered obese"). Yes, you should be able to dress appropriately and attractive, but understand that obesity should not be normalized. Maybe spend more energy on getting back to a healthy size.
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    The problem is the larger you go in size the more diverse the shape and cuts of the designs need to be. Different people can be heavier in different areas. Trust me, I know.
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    Auntie Anne Archy
    I'm 5'0" tall and for 80% of my life have weighed 95 pounds -- a size 0-3 Petite, depending on brand IF I can find them. Designers have never cared about me. At 60 years old I still have to shop in the girls' department where I wear a size 12 or 14. Try finding age-appropriate clothing there. Oh sure, "you can alter it." No, I can't, there's this pesky little thing called "proportion." While there may only be "few" agencies representing larger women, at least there are those, whereas there are NONE representing anyone under 5'3" unless you're a child. I'm tired of "plus-sized" getting all the breathless, honey-dripping attention.
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    I am appalled at the insensitivity here. I wore a size 6 or 8 most of my life. I was healthy and worked out 6x/week. Unfortunately an unexpected illness and medication hit me in my 50's and I found myself in the plus size department. I lost 30 pounds last year, hoping to do the same this year, when another needed med put 1/2 the lost weight back on. I haven't been to a mc donalds, fast food or such in years. I only drink water so take in no extra calories. Before you are so cruel to overweight people, you might want to look at yourself, character wise. Lucky for me I have a thin women's sense of self confidence. I also shop with brands that are much better made and am always put together. I also do not even know where a Walmart is, but I do go to Nordstrom and quality stores as well as online brands and am always neat, clean and put together. One last thought for you:"There but for the Grace of God, go I."
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    Why address the real issue when you can force the world to accommodate you?
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    I am 70 years old and somewhat plus size. Now that I have the money to buy clothes every week designers have rarely felt that creating outfits in a larger size is worth (my) money. Their loss. I have a wonderful lady who makes cloths for me and appreciates income. I have lots of friends who are saying the same thing. Strange to have an industry that excludes some groups.