Pokémon unveils ending for Ash and Pikachu as their final episode airs

pokémon master journeys the series
Pokémon reveals ending for Ash and PikachuPokémon

Pokémon Ultimate Journeys spoilers follow.

Pokémon has revealed its farewell to Ash Ketchum and Pikachu as the duo's final episode aired.

The iconic pair have been on screen for over 25 years, but their lifelong ambition was met last year when Ash became an official World Champion and "the very best, like no one ever was".

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In the bittersweet final episode, the pair waved goodbye to Brock and Misty on their way back to Pallet Town, where Ash reunited with his family in his childhood home (via GamingIntel).

On his way to Professor Oak’s lab, he bumps into old friend Tracey, who has been working as an assistant to the professor. After reaching the lab, Ash is tasked with searching for a missing Charmander, one of the three starting Pokémon available to fledgling trainers.

The narrative comes full circle as he finds the lost creature in a cave, recalling a moment from his past when he rescued what would become his Charizard.

After an altercation with Team Rocket, Ash spends a quiet moment reckoning with his newfound success and what becoming a Pokémon Master entails.

pokémon master journeys the series

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As a rainbow lights up the sky, Ash and Pikachu decide to set off for new horizons, with Ash ditching his old footwear and replacing them with new shoes.

In the final scene (via ComicBook.com), the pair come to a fork in the road and are undecided about which route to take. They toss a stick up in the air, letting the elements decide their path for them, and walk off into the distance as the words "Next Time… A New Beginning!" appear on screen…

Whilst this may be the last journey for the iconic duo, fans won’t have to wait long for their next fix of Pokémon, with Horizons and Concierge due to air in the near future.

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