Police Stop and Tow Toyota Yaris Repaired with Wallpaper

yaris repaired with wallpaper
Police Stop and Tow Yaris Repaired with WallpaperSteerside Enforcement Team / X

Police in England pulled over and towed a Toyota Yaris last Saturday that had recent accident damage that was covered up with wallpaper and packaging tape. The unusual repair job was the highlight of the night, according to police.

The Steerside Enforcement Team— a special police unit that focuses on dangerous or poor driving—in the Bradford District in West Yorkshire, England spotted the Yaris and wanted to take a closer look. What they found was questionable at best.

yaris door
Steerside Enforcement Team / X

The vehicle was reportedly involved in a crash the day before the stop that left the rear door sliced open. The owner decided to simply cover the hole in the door with wallpaper. The police were amused but were not going to let the car continue in that condition. Upon further inspection, they also noticed that one of the tires was bald.

The driver was reported for "driving a vehicle in a dangerous condition.” The car was towed to the owner's home address, and it will not be allowed on the road again until sufficient repairs are made.

We have all seen cars that have been vinyl-wrapped before, but this is ridiculous. While we must give the owner some credit for creativity, replacing body panels with wallpaper is not a very safe solution. And a bald tire is probably even more of a concern. Hopefully, the owner can get the car repaired properly and back on the road again soon.

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