Popular Twitch streamer for YouTube over 'terrifying' policy: 'That's two strikes'

A popular Twitch streamer ditched the platform for an exclusive deal with YouTube. She says it’s because of a “terrifying” Twitch policy.

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Leslie Fu, aka Fuslie, was one of Twitch’s most popular streamers, but on Sept. 6, she revealed her shocking choice to switch to YouTube. The reason she was seeking greener pastures wasn’t for a bigger paycheck, although her concerns were financial. Twitch’s enforcement of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) was proving too nerve-racking.

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“On Twitch, it’s like, ‘Hey, two years ago, there was this clip you were listening to Ariana Grande, and you listened to it two times in one day,'” Fuslie explained in a live stream. “So that’s two strikes on your channel. One more, and we’re going to have to permanently take your channel down.”

Fuslie felt Twitch could delete her channel or take down valuable content with little warning. On YouTube, she has a dashboard where she’s able to see if any DMCA violations are detected. This also gives her time to resolve the issue before experiencing consequences. She tried to reason with Twitch’s higher-ups, but they acted as though their hands were tied.

“When I messaged them, and they literally gave me the, ‘Hey, all we can do is tell you to take down every clip you have, but we don’t have a system for you to remove those clips.’ To hear that from them, directly, was terrifying,” Fuslie said.

Fuslie isn’t the first streamer to leave Twitch for YouTube. She joins the ranks of Valkyrae, Ludwig and CouRage.

According to Twitch’s DMCA policy, if the company receives a complaint, it “will generally remove or disable access to recorded or other content containing the claimed infringing material.” It also may “disable a live-stream and/or suspend an account” if the infringement is still occurring when the complaint is received.

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