Post goes viral after an unsympathetic manager denies woman a day off while her son is on life support

A convenience store manager has been fired by Folk Oil, owner and operator of PS Food Mart, after a Facebook post went viral on Saturday.

Crystal Reynolds Fisher, a woman who works in a PS Food Mart in Michigan, texted her manager that she would not be able to make her shift, within 48 hours, because her son was on life support.

PS Food, owned by Folk Oil, has fired a manager after her heartless response to an employee whose son is on life support. (Photo: PS Food)

While most people would respond by sending their well wishes to the family and by being supportive of time off, this woman shocked social media users with her cruel response.

The former boss, listed only as “Dawn” on the screenshots, wrote, “There is no reason you can’t work, and I will not tolerate drama.” She also told Fisher that if she failed to show up for her shift, she would consider it a resignation.

Fisher told WWMT that her 18-year-old son, Jason, is on life support in C. S. Mott Children’s Hospital in Ann Arbor, Mich. He entered the hospital with a fever and is currently on a ventilator. They believe it is a type of sepsis, Crystal said.

The mother went on to say, “This manager that talked to me the way she did and had no compassion or sympathy at all… my son’s on life support. This is his life we’re talking about; he’s not just in the hospital sick, he’s on life support.”

PS Food Mart wrote on their Facebook that the manager in question has been let go. They also contacted Fisher to tell her that she would be able to take the time off that she needs.

Fisher said she likes working for PS Food Mart, and she is happy the company stood behind her. To her former boss, however, she can only say, “I pray for you.”

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