Turns out Disney princesses get their period, too

#BloodyPrincess is taking the shame out of menstruation.

Saint Hoax is a self-described PoP-litically incorrect artist and sociopolitical activist who uses her art to make statements about what she refers to as “beautiful visual lies that tell an ugly truth.” Her latest venture? The period.

“Disney princesses are perceived as perfect females,” Saint Hoax told the Huffington Post. “Portraying them with period stains implies that could happen to any female and it’s a natural process.”



On Wednesday Hoax posted three illustrations depicting Ariel, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty with telltale blood stains on their skirts. In the comments, she tells another story, one of period shaming where a friend was rejected by a man after experiencing a period leak during one of their dates. She was told, “How can I date a girl who doesn’t know what a Tampon is?” 

Disgusted by the story, Hoax series is an effort to take the shame out of menstruation. “There’s a lot of ignorance and shame surrounding this subject,” she says in her Instagram comments. 

At the time of publication, the posts had received nearly 3,000 likes and hundreds of comments. 

“Forget him - how will he handle parenthood?” one Instagram commenter asked. 

“It’s going to take some time to get men and women to understand each other,” another Instagram commenter said. “This is really powerful thank you for sharing this.”

Earlier this month, a Mexican singer Patricia Navidad was criticized online when her pad came loose during a live performance.  

Instead of being ashamed, Navidad responded on Twitter. 

Roughly translated by Mashable, Navidad says, “What a shame that there are men who forget they are here because of a woman and are offensive and vulgar toward women!!!” 

“Girls get their period once a month,” says Hoax. “Sometimes it gets messy. Get over it.”