Justin Bieber Won’t Take a Selfie for Less Than $2000

Noël Duan
Assistant Editor

Justin Bieber taking a selfie with some fans. (Photo: Getty Images)

Last Friday, the 2016 tour dates for Justin Bieber’s highly-anticipated fourth album Purpose — which also dropped — were announced, and like any performer with screaming fans around the world, Bieber is also selling VIP tour packages. The most expensive package, the Ultimate #Purpose Experience for $2000, includes a barricaded seat at the end of the runway so that “[y]ou’ll be the closest to Justin!” and a selfie with Bieber before the show. This isn’t for someone who appreciates Bieber’s music only from a distance, like in dance cardio class or on the morning commute — this VIP package for is for the Belieber who wants multiple opportunities to breathe Bieber’s air and touch Bieber’s hair.

Bieber isn’t the first or only celebrity to sell selfies at a high cost. Nick Jonas and Demi Lovato are selling an Ultimate VIP Dressing Room package for $10,000, which will give you an exclusive meet-and-greet, photo opportunities, a backstage tour, dinner, and exclusive gear. (Concert tickets not included.) If you only have $400 to spend, you can opt to take a professional photo with only Demi or only Jonas — you were only doing this for the Instagram fame anyway, right? For her 2014 Bangerz Tour, a meet-and-greet ticket (concert tickets included!) with Miley Cyrus cost upwards of $3000. A Miley Cyrus meet-and-greet may actually be worth it for the right fan — she’s well known for being willing to hug it out, kiss, and do funny poses with her fans. (Same with Rihanna — she will even grab your breasts with your permission.) In 2014, Avril Lavigne was ridiculed for her awkward meet-and-greet photos in Brazil — fans paid $400 to take photos with her and they were forced to stand a foot apart from her while she grimaced.

Many other stars sell photo opportunities for much cheaper, though. For Ciara’s 2016 tour, you can meet her (concert tickets included!) for only $125. You also get to attend a question and answer session with the talented singer and dancer. And with Ciara becoming a huge fashion and fitness icon these days, showing off her dance bod abs and Tom Ford ball gown fittings on Instagram, this might be a better bang for your buck — Ciara, at least, will guarantee you a flawless selfie.


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