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Aladdin and Jasmine are planning to start a family! Click through to see what the other Disney princesses went to the gynecologist to learn about. 

Illustrator takes Disney princesses on a trip to the gyno

All illustrations courtesy of Maritza Lugo

In case you missed it, January is Cervical Cancer Awareness Month. 

“The majority of cervical cancer incidences are directly related to the HPV virus,” writes illustrator Maritza Lugo on her website. She recently teamed up with writer and sex ed speaker Danielle Sepulveres to create a series of illustrations promoting awareness. 

“Sadly you will barely read about any of this. Instead you’ll hear about National High Five Day or National Cupcake Day (both actual things). Which is too bad because catchy phrases to promote CCAM like ‘Brrr my cervix is freezing’ or ‘Don’t leave my cervix out in the cold’ are kind of amazing. But I get it. Clickbait does not typically come in the form of 'let’s talk about sexually transmitted diseases.’”

To get people’s attention, Lugo created a series of illustrations that take popular Disney characters, like Cinderella, Jasmine and Belle, and put them at the gynecologist where they learn about things like STD testing, the HPV vaccine and birth control. 

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