Forget the heat! This flat iron uses ice to straighten hair

We all know the dangers of overdoing it with the hair straightener – hello, breakage and crispy strands! But what if there was a way to still get that smoothed out look without the damaging effects of heat? 

A hair dresser from New Zealand has designed a tool that claims to do just that. 

“Heat is a huge part of the hair routine, both in the salon and at home,” explains hairstylist David Roe. “While effective, it is incredibly damaging to your hair, leaving it dry, brittle, frizzy – the list goes on.”

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After considering all of the products created to help protect hair from the heat – sprays, serums, treatments, and so on – he decided to instead create a product that would abolish the need for all of these while still providing straight, smooth hair.

“We set out to dig deeper, exploring the effects of cold temperatures on hair and keratin. We discovered that cold is good, but sub-zero temperature is where the magic happens.”

(Facebook/Inverse Hair)

Working with a team of scientists, Roe developed the Inverse Hair Conditioning System, a straightening iron that uses cold instead of heat.

So how does it work?

“We discovered that if you treat the keratin in your hair at a sub-zero temperature, the fibre itself changes; locking in moisture and improving strength and elasticity within the hair,” he says. “As a result, your hair can become softer, smoother, healthier and more manageable.”

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Stored in the freezer, the Inverse doesn’t use any sort of electricity and can be used on wet, damp or dry hair, though the website suggests loosely towel-dried hair is best. Simply work from root to tip in the same way you would with a hot iron. The cordless device has magnetic cold plates that lock together and hold hair in place as you glide it down. 

(Facebook/Inverse Hair)

Not only will you be left with straightened strands, but the cold will help lock in moisture, improving the condition and even the colour of your hair over time, the website claims. Unlike a hot iron, hair continues to improve the more you use it. 

Roe recognizes that some will still crave the results they get with heat and suggest using the Inverse post-heat to protect and set the hair. It can also be use before heat to help condition. 

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