Models Use Their Social Media Sway To Start Charitable Organisation

Models and best friends, Destiny and Natascha, have set up a not for profit charitable organisation [Photo: Instagram/modelsofcompassion]

When models and best friends, Destiny Sierra and Natascha Elisa, started feeling disillusioned with the modeling world, it would have been easy for them to quit the industry and do something completely different. Instead, the duo decided to use the influence they had gained on social media to raise awareness about issues they really cared about. 

Their aim was to create a sort of ‘volunteering agency’, which could harness the power of social media. And the result is the non-profit organisation Models of Compassion which uses the ripple effect of social media to raise awareness of environmental issues, animal and child welfare.

The organisation harnesses the power of social media to raise awareness [Photo: Instagram/modelsofcompassion]

“We both hit a point in our careers where we felt no fulfilment and really wanted to make a difference in the world and help the causes we felt most passionate about,” explains Destiny of their career turning point.

“Many people these days only get their world news through social media. Putting our ideas together we came up with Models of Compassion and knew we had something special,” she told Supre. “We finally figured out a way to act on issues we are passionate about and get other influencers with the same mindset on board to have a greater impact on volunteering and creating awareness.”

The organisation has raised money and awareness for many charities [Photo: Instagram/modelsofcompassion]

Destiny, 26 who lives in LA, first uncovered her passion for helping others while on a modelling contract in Cambodia where she witnessed hundreds of children begging for money. Saddened by the experience she promised herself she would one day do something to help.

Australian-born, Natascha’s drive to volunteer began at age 15, at the same time as her modelling career, when she started dedicated her school holidays to volunteering at a horse ranch and later starting her own youth activity group at age eighteen. She has since gone on to work with the Australian Red Cross, MS Australia, World Vision, and The Fred Hollows Foundation, before founding MOC with best friend, Destiny.

From animal welfare to the welfare of children, social media ‘influencers’ have helped raise awareness [Photo: Instagram/modelsofcompassion]

The girls had their ‘lightbulb moment’ just under a year ago and since then the non-profit organisation has been going from strength to strength. They now have 50 ‘influencers’ over the world with a combined social media reach of 30 million. To date they have raised money and awareness for causes including the anti-slavery movement End It, Black Jaguar White Tiger, which rescues big cats from the circus and Corazon de vida, a charity working to give orphans in Baja, Mexico, the chance of a better life.

Models of Compassion founders Destiny (top) and Natascha [Photos: Models of Compassion]

But even though they are doing amazing work, the pair still have the desire to do more. “We do everything in our power to help but it feels like it’s never enough!” explains Destiny. “But doing something is far better than doing nothing – if we all contribute, we can make a huge difference.”

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