Male Birth Control Might Be a Reality in 2018

Sam Lane
Editorial Assistant

(Contraceptive pill, c. 1970) Photo: Getty Images

A long-rumored reversible birth control option for men is one step closer to becoming a reality. Vasalgel, made by the Parsemus Foundation, which finds medicines that are alternatives to those produced by massive pharmaceutical companies, is a gel that’s injected into the testes (yes, there’s a needle required, sadly). The gel then blocks sperm from being released (they’re reabsorbed into the body). It all sounds a little painful and strange, but that’s not deterring the thousands of men who Parsemus says are already on the wait list for the gel injection, which the company is aiming to release in 2018.

But alas, fellow dudes, don’t get too excited — yet. Vasalgel has never been tested on humans, only on rabbits. In this study, Vasalgel lasted for one year in 11 of 12 test rabbits, so its effect on humans is unclear. However, Elaine Lissner, executive director of Parsemus, told that the gel could last much longer in humans.

But, like, how long?

Lissner replied, “We expect it to last for years. We just don’t know how many yet.” 

So, perhaps someday there will be effective, reversible birth control options for both sexes, but in the meantime, don’t throw out your condoms, guys. 

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