Breastfeeding mom accused of ‘molesting’ her baby in text message

It’s no secret that there are a lot of opinions circulating when it comes to mothers breastfeeding in public.

Recently, a mother was targeted in McDonald’s and by a friend, no less, who sent her a message accusing her of molestation after witnessing the mother nursing at her table. Outraged, the mom posted the text on Facebook where it was picked up by the Young Breastfeeding Mommas page. 

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“I saw you today at McDonalds with your boy friend and baby,” the text begins. 

“He is really adorable. But I saw you were breastfeeding your son and that was very inappropriate and gross I’m sorry hun but nobody wants to see that and it really made me angry that you were doing that okay I had my bf and my 6 year old brother with me and my brother does not need to see that nor does my bf.”

She then goes on to explain that boys do not need to be breast fed, claiming that doing so is abusive. 

“… boys don’t need to breast feed you should have your son taken from you because that’s child molestation! I should report you to child welfare so you just give him formula or pump if you think he needs it.”

“He don’t need it he us [sic] already fat like his dad formula is better and easyer [sic]!!!! And if you can’t afford it stay off your back!”

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Pretty harsh words from an apparent friend. 

Since being posted on Young Breastfeeding Mommas, the text has been shared more than 15,000 times, with over 100,000 comments. 

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