Dad under police investigation after defending his kids from a bully

Sending your kids off to school is difficult enough as a parent, but imagine finding out that while at school, they’re being bullied to the point where they end up in the hospital.

That’s the position Christopher Cooper found himself in when he decided to confront his kids’ bully. 

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A year ago, the 37-year-old dad from Wales moved his two kids Mille and Braiden to a new school where they became the victims of the school’s resident bully. 

“He and his little gang – threw Millie to the floor and then stood around her kicking her in the ribs. Upset she removed her glasses to wipe her tears – the bullies response was to tell a younger child to stamp on her glasses – breaking them,” Cooper says in a Facebook post.

He then goes on to outline the abuse of both kids, including an incident where his 9-year-old son was assaulted at a shop near the school and then later attacked again, this time resulting in a broken arm that required surgery. And how after the first incident went unpunished, his daughter was kicked and punched and had drinks poured over her at a school party. 

Braiden in the hospital with a broken arm. (Facebook/Christopher Cooper)

“Both have been so emotionally affected that I’m concerned Millie is on the verge of having an eating disorder, Braiden has been caught physically making himself sick to avoid going to school.”

When Cooper approached the school about the situation he was told that nothing could be done as the first few incidents happened off school property. He then approached the parents of the bully who threatened to take legal action against him for coming to their home. 

“As a father I’ve been left devastated by all of this, watching their personality’s (sic) change, their love for school diminish, watching the fear as my son was put to sleep, to undergo surgery, the lack of support from both Cumbria police and North Walney Primary school to effectively deal with this bully who not only bullies my children but also others within the school.”

11-year-old Millie poses with NYPD officers in Times Square on a recent trip to New York City. (Facebook/Christopher Cooper)

Feeling helpless, he did the only thing left to do: he (along with his daughter) approached the bully himself.

“I will be honest – I told [my daughter] to pin him up against the fence, knee him in the balls and tell him not to touch you again, sadly she didn’t, because she feared of repercussions from ‘his gang.’ Instead it was left to me to challenge him, I told him straight to leave my kids alone or their would be consequences. I didn’t touch him, I certainly didn’t threaten him, although trust me how I didn’t do either I don’t know.   The result – I am now under investigation by the police, and at risk of losing my career.“

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Cooper has since withdrawn both kids from the school in an effort to protect them from further abuse. His Facebook post is a plea for help with this difficult situation. 

“Please feel free to share and repost. Maybe someone at North Walney Primary School, Cumbria Education, Ofstead or even Cumbria Police, might finally sit up, take note, and protect my children. All we want is them to be safe, enjoy their education, and enjoy their childhoods.”

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