Postal worker rescues kitten, wins lottery jackpot

Washington postal worker Joseph Waldherr said rescuing a kitten during his shift led to his winning a $717,500 lottery jackpot. File Photo by John Angelillo/UPI

Aug. 25 (UPI) -- A Washington postal worker's efforts to rescue a trapped kitten led to his winning a $717,500 lottery prize.

Joseph Waldherr of Tacoma told Washington's Lottery officials he was delivering the mail recently when he heard the mewling of a kitten but couldn't locate the source.

Waldherr said he heard the same mewling in the same area the following day and discovered the feline was wedged into a small space.

"He put the kitten in the pocket of his sweatshirt, where it slept for the rest of his shift," Washington's Lottery said in a news release.

Waldherr said the kitten rescue left him feeling lucky, so he stopped into the Quinto convenience store and bought a Hit 5 ticket.

The postal worker checked his ticket with his wife a few days later and discovered he had scored the $717,500 jackpot.

Waldherr credited the lucky kitten with his win. He said the feline, now named Peaches, will have a new home at his house.

The winner said he plans to use his prize money to help his parents with their retirement and donate to charities.

"My wife and I have everything we need. We just want to help others," he said.