Pregnant news anchor tells viewers to 'chill' after receiving comments about her weight

Erica Simon. Image via Facebook.

A pregnant news anchor from Texas has taken to Twitter to defend her growing baby bump.

Houston anchor Erica Simon took to social media to put her critics in check after reading hurtful comments regarding her pregnancy weight gain.

While the expectant mother should be excitedly preparing for her bundle of joy, she’s instead had to defend her changing and growing body.

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Erica Simon. Image via Facebook.

“Some of the viewer comments about my pregnancy are starting to get annoying,” Simon wrote. “Yes, I’m aware I’m petite so the sudden packing on of pounds is a startling sight. No, I’m not having twins and no I’m not due any day. I’ll update you as I go, but chill.”

Simon, who’s due in mid-February, announced she was expecting her first child, a daughter, when she was 20 weeks pregnant.

She received an overwhelming response from fans, who rallied around the weekend correspondent and encouraged her to dismiss the negativity.

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“I’m sorry that people have been horrible like that,” one fan wrote. “You look wonderful and people need to stop it! Have a wonderful pregnancy and a beautiful little angel will be here soon!”

Erica Simon. Image via Instagram.

Others reiterated what should be common knowledge that women’s bodies are off limits – pregnant or not.

“No one should be commenting on your pregnancy or your looks other than to tell you ‘Congratulations’ and ‘You look wonderful,'” a female fan tweeted. “You being in the public eye doesn’t give anyone call for bad manners.”

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Another fan pointed out that comments about a woman looking “too small” can be just as hurtful.

“It’s equally not fun when they tell you ‘You’re still so tiny!’ or ‘I didn’t even know you were pregnant!’ at seven months when they don’t know you’re being treated for high risk pregnancy due to baby’s low weight,” she said. “Let’s just stop commenting, eh?”

Erica Simon and husband, TJ. Image via Instagram.

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In a separate Instagram post, Simon commented on the attention her story was receiving and shared what she’s learned with her fans.

“Lessons learned: A child is a blessing from God. No need to ever feel shame. Ignore tactless people. My support outweighs the knuckleheads,” the mom-to-be wrote. “P.S. I’ve only gained 24 pounds the whole pregnancy. Besides my stomach, I was never big. Not sure why people tripped in the first place.”

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