Up your energy and get moving with Janel Parrish’s healthy gift picks

Nicole Pajer

Janel Parrish is a whiz at presents.

“I start making my list really, really early so that I can take a lot of time to make sure my gifts are personal,” says the Pretty Little Liars star. “I love the look on people’s faces when you give them something that they love — that is very meaningful.”

This season, Parrish is giving gifts to help her nearest and dearest improve their health and increase their happiness — and they’re all available on eBay. Follow along in the video above as Parrish takes us through her holiday picks, and click on products that interest you to shop as you watch.

Get the Fitbit Versa Health Companion Wearable Smartwatch and more Fitbit fitness trackers on eBay.

Parrish’s sister leads an active life, so her gift is a no-brainer: a stylish, functional Fitbit Versa smartwatch, which tracks activity and sleep, and even helps with guided breathing. “She’s a lieutenant colonel in the Army, and one of the fittest people I know,” says Parrish.

What’s more, her sister is “so jealous of my Fitbit,” confesses Parrish. “I used it to help me get in wedding shape by keeping count of my steps and calorie intake, and made a daily goal to walk 10,000 steps,” she says. “It became a fun game and a lifestyle habit. Now I wear it every day.”

Shop for the Google Home Smart Assistant and Wireless Speaker plus more home accessories from Google, on eBay.

Got a friend who loves to dance — or one who wants to pack more activity into their day? Parrish does, and she’s giving her the Google Home Smart Assistant and Wireless Speaker. “This voice-activated speaker will play any type of music that you want,” says Parrish. It’s the perfect gift to spark spontaneous dance (or exercise) sessions.

Shop for the Spoga Premium Extra Thick Yoga Mat along with other innovative mats on eBay.

Parrish believes in yoga and meditation. “Just focusing on ‘you’ time is very important to ensure that you are super-healthy and ready to take on the holidays.” she says. In the video above, she gives her BFF, Vince, the Spoga Premium Extra Thick Yoga Mat, which is made from memory foam for a cushy experience that helps protect knees and joints, absorbs impact and improves balance.

Shop for the 23andMe DNA Test and more personalized gift ideas on eBay.

Your health is about your current lifestyle, but it’s also affected by your genetic history. Parrish is gifting another friend what’s sure to be one of the most popular presents of the season: a 23andMe DNA test. The kits help you track your ancestry (and potentially connect with relatives), see your genetic health risks and learn about how your genes affect your lifestyle choices.

Shop for the Yeti Stainless Steel Insulated Mug and other great gift ideas for home (and outdoors) on eBay.

Parrish and her husband, Chris Long, are spending their first Christmas together as a married couple. She’s planning to give her outdoorsman husband a Yeti Stainless Steel Insulated Mug, which, she says, is as rough-and-tumble as he is. “He’s a big fan of fishing and camping,” says Parrish. “He loves fun mugs that keep his coffee warm and his beer cold.”

Get the Harmony Aqua Aztec Print Lounger Memory Foam Dog Bed and more pet presents on eBay.

Healthy gifts aren’t just for humans. Thoughtful pet presents such as the Harmony Aqua Aztec Print Lounger Memory Foam Dog Bed can help increase the well-being of your furry friends, an idea that Parrish can get behind: “My dog, Cleo, is spoiled. She has a bed in every single room. So shopping for her is really easy,” she says.

Get the Breville BES870XL Barista Express Espresso Machine and more luxe kitchen items on eBay.

Parrish treated herself to a present that will boost her energy. She splurged on the Breville BES870XL Barista Express Espresso Machine, a top-rated model that brews espresso — from beans to cup — in less than a minute. “I literally can’t have conversations with people until I’ve had my coffee,” says Parrish.

Shop for the Reindeer Cosplay Onesie and other holiday-inspired onesies on eBay.

The healthiest part of the holidays? The laughter and joy that comes with spending time with friends and family. Parrish spreads cheer with her favorite holiday outfit — a fun, festive onesie. “I have my one reindeer onesie,” she says, “and he comes out every Christmas.”

Talk about sleighing the season!

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