Prince Andrew 'wants to set the record straight' in Prince Harry-style memoir

prince andrew is reportedly writing a prince harry style memoir
Andrew 'wants to write' a Harry-style memoirChris Jackson - Getty Images

Prince Andrew is reportedly in talks with publishers to write a memoir that could rival Prince Harry's bombshell book, Spare.

"Andrew was the original spare and there’s plenty of material. Compared to Harry, he has a far greater depth of history to draw from," a source told the Mail Online.

According to the insider, the disgraced royal hopes the book will give him the chance to "set the record straight" on a number of highly-publicised scandals, with his apparent ties to convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein being the most notable.

"Writing a book would give him the opportunity to fully explain his association with Jeffrey Epstein and the resulting fall-out," the source said, referencing his car crash Newsnight interview with Emily Maitlis in which he discussed his relationship with Epstein and refuted Virginia Giuffre's sexual assault allegations, claiming to have been at Pizza Express on the night he is said to have assaulted her.

"Mainly he wants to set the record straight. If he doesn’t change the narrative, no one else will," the insider added, going on to claim that the royal is also hoping to raise some much-needed funds through book sales. "Andrew needs to find ways of making money and supporting himself."

prince andrew is reportedly writing a prince harry style memoir
STEVE PARSONS - Getty Images

The source went on to describe Andrew's could-be memoir as "Spare 2.0", touching upon the success of Harry's book, which was released earlier this year. In the memoir, the Duke of Sussex dropped an array of royal bombshells as well as controversial revelations, including details of how he lost his virginity in a field behind a pub.

Upon its release, the Duke's Spare became the UK's fastest-selling non-fiction book ever, and has sold over a million copies (and counting) worldwide.

Cosmopolitan UK has reached out to Buckingham Palace for comment.

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