Prince George and Princess Charlotte were bribed with Smarties for royal wedding photos

Ciara Sheppard
Contributor Yahoo Style UK
The newlyweds later posed for a separate photograph alongside their bridesmaids and page boys [Photo: PA]

Prince George and Princess Charlotte did a sterling job at the royal wedding, don’t you think?

The typically mischievous royal children performed their jobs as page boy and bridesmaid, respectively, brilliantly – and it was SO sweet.

Every parent watching could relate to the Duchess of Cambridge, who didn’t take her eyes off her children as they shuffled behind Meghan Markle’s train, hoping and praying there were no hiccups.

Well it turns out, even royalty aren’t above a bit of light bribery in order to keep their children on their best behaviour – George and Charlotte were bribed with sweets.

Prince George and Princess Charlotte acted as page boy and bridesmaid on the day. [Photo: Getty]

Alexi Lubomirski, who took three official photos for the royal wedding (two of which included the 10 page boys and bridesmaids) said there was a bit of light persuasion involved.

“I could hear the kids started crying in the background and there was some chaos, and then I heard this magic word… ‘Smarties’,” the photographer told the BBC

In the one of the photographs, the newlyweds pose along with the children and senior members of the royal family including the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall, and Prince Philip and the Queen.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex posed for their official wedding photographs following the ceremony [Photo: PA]

In the second, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle pose with just their bridesmaids and page boys in a more silly shot, where the children give wide grins.

The photos were taken in Windsor Castle’s green drawing room.

Mr Lubomirski said: “The atmosphere in the room was obviously very joyful, there were lots of smiles.

“It was like a family room after a wedding. Some parents were trying to wrangle the children, other uncles and aunts were talking to their nephews and nieces.”

Explaining to the BBC how he managed to “control the kids”, he explained “they were being bribed with one Smartie here and one Smartie there”.

Controlling TEN under-7-year-olds to take professional photos is no mean feat, so we’re totally supporting Lubomirski on this one.

Plus, isn’t it great when you find out even royals are just like us, even a little bit?