'Gingers Unite': Prince Harry and Ed Sheeran team up for World Mental Health Day

Kate Mendonca
Shopping Editor
Image via Instagram/SussexRoyal.

Prince Harry is showing off his funny side by teaming up with another famous ginger, Ed Sheeran- and it’s all for a good cause.

In a video posted to the @SussexRoyal Instagram account Thursday morning, the duo filmed a short PSA to raise awareness for World Mental Health Day. Unfortunately, not everything goes as planned when Sheeran arrives to greet Prince Harry.

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“Thanks for having me man, this is something I’m quite passionate about,” says Sheeran as he and Prince Harry get down to business.

“This for me is a subject and a conversation that’s not talked about enough. I think people all over the world are really suffering,” replies Harry.

Sheeran then begins talking about writing a song to raise awareness for their cause, saying, “People just don’t understand what it’s like for people like us — with the jokes and the snide comments. I just feel like it’s time we stood up and said, ‘We are ginger, and we are going to fight.”

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It’s at this point that Harry begins looking confused, and steps in to correct him saying, “Um, okay. This is slightly awkward. There may have been a miscommunication — this is about World Mental Health Day?”

Once the singer realizes his mistake, he quickly turns to his laptop and begins deleting the slide shown on his computer - the title of his big idea “Gingers Unite”.

Image via Instagram/SussexRoyal.

Also visible on screen is a proposed follow-up meeting for the pair that reads: “HRH Prince Harry and the king of ging Ed Sheeran get together to change the perception of people with Moroccan sunset hair.”

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The pair then turn to the camera to get serious about the real reason they teamed up - to shed light on mental health and encourage their fans to look out for one another.

“Reach out, make sure your friends, strangers, look out for anybody that might be suffering in silence. We’re all in this together,” Harry says as he talks into the camera. “Cheers.”

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