Prince Harry's Raised Eyebrows At Meghan Markle Cause A Stir

British media had their eyes onPrince Harry’seyes during Monday’s Commonwealth Day service at Westminster Abbey.

The royal was caught raising his eyebrows at bride-to-beMeghan Markleafter Liam Payne, former star of the boy band One Direction, finished singing “Waiting on the World To Change.” Markle then lowered her head in laughter.(See the moment above.)

The Sun interpreted the prince’s gesture and Markle’s giggles as adiss of the performance, as did the Mirror, which wrote that the couple “maybe didn’t enjoy the songas much as some of the other guests.”

The Independent said the two were “caught making fun of Liam Payne.”

It also could have been just a loving exchange. But, hey, we’renot royal body language experts.

This article originally appeared on HuffPost.