Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's security 'costs £7,000 a day'

Rebecca Taylor
Royal Correspondent
Harry and Meghan's security reportedly costs £7,000 a day. (Getty Images)

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are reportedly spending £7,000 ($8,700) a day on security while they stay in Los Angeles.

The royal couple are understood to be living in producer Tyler Perry’s mansion in the Californian city, where they arrived shortly before the border between Canada and the US closed to slow the spread of coronavirus.

Their decision to step back as senior royals caused an international security headache, with it being unclear who would pick up the huge bill to protect them.

According to the latest reports, the couple is using a firm called Gavin de Becker and Associates, which can charge up to £7,000 a day for security.

The security expert is reported to have looked after the likes of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, Madonna, Cher and John Travolta.

Oprah is a fan of de Becker, who had the expert and author on her show to talk about how to break the cycle of abusive relationships.

As well as guarding the stars, he has been friends with the stars. He gave a eulogy at Carrie Fisher’s funeral, where he said: “By knowing you, Carrie Fisher, we all hit the jackpot.”

The decision to step back caused a headache over the couple's security. (Getty Images)

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According to The Times, his own childhood was a difficult one, as his heroin-addicted mother used to regularly beat him and his sister and eventually shot his stepfather and took her own life.

The Times reports: “The duke and duchess have not yet hired a permanent detail.

“They are currently, and temporarily, using a security team that was already employed at the house where they are currently living.”

The company’s website claims: “GDBA protects several thousand clients, including over 90 of the world's most prominent families and at-risk individuals.”

While Harry and Meghan were living in Canada, where they stayed from November 2019 until March 2020, they were protected by Royal Canadian Mounted Police, because of their status as senior royals.

But Canada confirmed this was not something they’d be willing to continue to pay for once the couple stopped that role and their status changed from “internationally protected persons”.

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In their statement as they declared they wanted to step back, Harry and Meghan insisted they would need a high level of security in large part because they are royalty but also because of Harry’s former job in the British Army.

However who would pay for that has been the source of contention. The US has no obligation to pay for the couple because it is not a Commonwealth nation with the Queen as head of state.

Donald Trump has made it clear the US would not pay – to which the couple responded by clarifying they would not have asked.

It appeared the couple may need Harry’s father, Prince Charles, to step in and pay the bill.

They have agreed to pay rent and more on their Frogmore Cottage home in Windsor, which will help pay off the renovation works which took place there before they moved in.