Prince William and Kate Middleton Are "Nervous" About Prince George's Future

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Prince William and Kate Middleton Are "Nervous" About Prince George's Future

Prince George just turned eight (he is growing! up! so! fast!) and apparently Prince William and Kate Middleton are slightly stressed about his future—especially in light of internet trolls.

“Of course, William and Kate are nervous about what the future holds for George,” a source tells Us Weekly. “He’s growing up in a different era to his parents. Times have changed since then. There wasn’t social media or internet trolls when William and Kate were children.”

Apparently, this is one of the reasons why William and Kate keep George and his siblings largely out of the spotlight—save for the occasional royal event and Instagram photo. “The Cambridges feel it’s necessary to shield George, Charlotte and Louis from the spotlight and have become cautious about the appearances [they] make,” the source says. “Kate and William are being more selective about the events he attends.”

William and Kate are also committed to making sure George's life is as "normal" as possible. The source says “He’s not called Prince George at school and is simply known as George. He mixes with children his own age. Kate and William don’t shower him with expensive gifts nor do they over spoil him. Despite his future role, they don’t want him to grow up too quickly. He engages [in] activities similar to any other 8-year-old — playing board games, horse-riding lessons, swimming, baking with his brother and sister, playing football and he can’t wait to start rugby too!”

Not sure most children grow up with casual horse-riding lessons, but sure! Oh, and Kate and William—who don't want their kids to "take their status for granted"—are also making sure George has an early appreciation for giving back, saying "You can already tell that he wants to make the world a better place! It’s super sweet!”

Cool, meanwhile at the age of eight my main interests included Power Rangers and my over-sized Sea World t-shirt.

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