Prince William and Princess Kate receive Apple gifts from Tim Cook - see their goody bags

Apple boss Tim Cook posing with Prince William and Kate Middleton in pinstripe suit
Princess Kate looked lovely in a pinstripe suit to meet Apple boss Tim Cook alongside her husband Prince William (X (Twitter))

The Prince and Princess of Wales enjoyed a lovely tea date with Apple CEO Timothy Cook on Thursday afternoon at Windsor Castle - and the American business executive came bearing gifts.

Whilst the meeting was first announced in the Court Circular, Tim soon took to Twitter on Friday morning to share two photos from their private meeting, and revealed what the previous day's event entailed.

He said: "It was a true honour to meet with the Prince and Princess of Wales. We had a wonderful and wide-ranging discussion about the environment, mental health, and other issues that mean a great deal to all of us."

Tim Cook with arms crossed
Tim Cook has been the CEO of Apple since 2011 (Getty)

Indeed, his gratitude did not fall short with just a social media post. Keen observers were particularly drawn to the two photos that came with the Twitter caption, and especially the Apple goody bags in the background of a photo of him and Prince William talking.

The first photo sees Tim posing with the Prince and Princess of Wales all dressed in navy and black. Standing in uniform with their hands crossed in front of them, the trio are the epitome of elegance.

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The second picture captures just the Prince of Wales in deep conversation with Tim, against the backdrop of the royal residence's golden extravagance and, of course, the oh-so-subtle pair of Apple bags which are almost lost in the silver-coloured sofa beside them.

Apple Managing Director Tim Cook talking to Prince William at Buckingham Palace
It's easy to miss the Apple goody bags sitting beside the sofa (X (Twitter))

The Apple Post, @theapplepost, joined the Twitter conversation and cheekily sent fans into a frenzy with the question: "What's in those Apple bags?" and an emoji of a pair of eyes.

Whilst at this point it's only guesswork, one could speculate that peeping out of one of those bags is the slender box of an Apple watch.

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One fan came to the same conclusion and penned: "iPhone 15 Pro Max and watches in those bags."

Whilst William and Kate no doubt gracefully accepted the gifts, they cannot keep them and the contents of the goody bag will likely be revealed next year when a list of official gifts is released by the royal family.

Princess Kate, Prince William, Mike Tindall, and James Haskell at Windsor Castle
William and Kate appeared on Mike Tindall's podcast alongside Princess Anne earlier this month (Getty)

The policy on the receipt of gifts to the royal family was drawn up in 1995, and it places limits on how members of the royal family can use official gifts.

Therefore, though royal fans are eager to know the treats in store for William and Kate, especially with the recent release of Apple's iPhone 15 Pro Max, they'll be eagerly waiting until the official declaration.