Prince William walks Prince George to first day of school as Duchess of Cambridge stays home

Jennifer Kline,

It's a big week for Prince George!

Just days after his parents announced that he'd soon be getting a new little sibling, the four-year-old prince embarked on his day of school --- with dad Prince William right by his side.

The Duke of Cambridge held his son's hand and gamely carried his backpack as the two made their way to London's Thomas’s Battersea. George held tight to his dad's hand, but otherwise seemed unbothered by the exciting day. He did at one point rub his eyes, but those were no tears -- just sleepiness!

George carefully abided by the school's uniform: A navy V-neck sweater with a red emblem, a light blue shirt, navy shorts and dark socks and shoes. His backpack features the same red emblem.

Sadly, the Duchess of Cambridge couldn't accompany her son as she's currently battling morning sickness, just as she did with her past two pregnancies. Earlier in the week, she cancelled two appearances, leading Kensington Palace to tell press she likely wouldn't be able to join Prince George.

However, George did still have a lovely lady available to hold his other hand: Helen Haslam, the head of the lower school, greeted her new student with a handshake and chatted with Prince William as they jointly walked the prince toward the school's entrance. Haslam then guided George to his first classroom.

Kensington Palace has confirmed that he'll be known at school by the name "George Cambridge," eliminating some awkwardness as royal family members have famously complicated surnames.

In a class of 22 children, George will be one of the youngest. The students have just a half day on their first day, so he'll be reunited with his mother in just a few hours, the Telegraph reports. One of his biggest tasks of the day? He'll have to find his classroom peg.